Moments That Matter: How Your Leadership Brand Is Defined In Moments Of Truth

Same scenario, extraordinary experience

Inside the Wynn Encore Hotel Las Vegas

The moment of truth

  1. Be aware that we naturally sit on autopilot. Our default is for our brain to reject something that’s not normal. You have to get used to when something is out of the ordinary. It’s time to play above the line, be positive and find a way to save the problem, instead of saying, “Oh, we can’t do that, or “well, you’ll have to sit at the bar.” Your brand authenticity is not about what happens, it’s about what happens next.
  2. Be present. When something really unusual happens, just listen to what people are saying, and be present to what they’re saying. Your brain will naturally take over on autopilot and reject what they’re saying, so it’s really important to stop coming across that way in your body language and in your words, so that you can find a solution. Listen, manage your response and pay attention rather than reject.
  3. Have a conversation with your staff around the risks where your team and leadership brand shows up most. Then you can role play what you would do in those situations, and you can recognise when people do the right job. At your next team meeting discuss “out of the ordinary” scenarios and what they could say to be curious, present and above the line. With enough practice you can out-train and out-coach the neural pathways and automatic fight or flight responses of rejecting the problem.




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