How to Commercialise the Clubhouse App

The Problems with Clubhouse for Lead Generation

The problem with the way the Clubhouse app works is that it takes up a lot of time, and while it’s proving to be really good for positioning, there isn’t any obvious lead generation. You can’t connect directly with people. Instead, you have to go through Instagram or Twitter (the only methods to connect).

How to Commercialise Clubhouse

Step 1 — Define Your Purpose or Goal

The first step to commercialising Clubhouse is to define your purpose or goal. Is your goal leads? Or is it positioning? Or perhaps your goal is two-fold and includes both.

Step 2 — Optimise Your Profile

Your next step is to ensure that your profile is well written and optimised. Regardless of your goal, your profile must read well, but how you optimise it depends on your goals. If your goal leads, then you need to ensure that your profile reflects that. If your goal is positioning, then your profile needs to reflect that.

Step 3 — Find Your Clubs and Rooms

Once you’ve got your profile optimised, it’s time to consider what rooms and clubs to join. Again this depends on your goals. If you’re looking for leads, you’ll need to think about what rooms and clubs your ideal client is hanging out in. Once you figure that out, you’ll need to request to join, and follow the clubs, go into the rooms, and start going through the profiles and working out which users are your ideal clients and which aren’t.

Step 4 — Connect

For both those seeking positioning and leads, your next step is to connect. But if you are looking to generate leads, you need to take the users you’ve identified as your ideal clients and connect to them on Instagram or Twitter. Once you connect you can use your opt-in to move them from a connection onto your list.

Problems Connecting on Clubhouse

One of the in-built risks of the Clubhouse app is that people drop in and drop out of your rooms constantly. This means that you might not always have a good chance to connect. To connect, you need to follow people and they come on, and you need to get enough people into the groups in order to raise awareness and bring more people in.

Future of Clubhouse

It’s still early days on Clubhouse, and we’ll likely see a lot of changes in the way it operates over the next year or two, and beyond.

As a Direct Source of Revenue

At the moment, there are no costs to participate in Clubhouse and, as far as I’m aware, people aren’t charging to ‘drop-in’ to your room. At the moment you can try to bring influencers into your rooms to generate interest and share value with your community. And they’ll do it for their own positioning. But this is likely to change in the future, and influencers will likely start to charge to do ‘appearances’. But the good news is if you get yourself enough positioning, then, in the long run, you might be the speaker asked to contribute to a room or a club. And this could be an additional revenue stream. Grant Cardone charges $250,000 for a keynote. Even if he charged a fraction of that to appear in your Clubhouse room for 15 minutes, he’d still be doing very well.

Exponential Growth

Clubhouse has already experienced exponential growth. In January 2021, they increased their user base by three times their December numbers. In May 2020 they had 1,500 users, 600,000 in December 2020, 2 million in January 2021 and 6 million in February 2021.

It’s Personal

For better and for worse, Clubhouse is inherently personal. There’s no way to outsource, automate or shortcut a platform that is based on your own voice. This means it’s more difficult to generate leads, but it also means that it’s a truly authentic space that won’t become flooded with automation tools (such as LinkedIn).

It’s a Shiny, New Object

You have a choice of all different platforms and all different ways to get leads. You have to make conscious choices about what is going to work best for you. It’s not about finding the shiny new object. The Clubhouse app might be perfect for you, or it might not. But when figuring it out, it’s important to remember that you’re building a business, not a hobby.



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